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From 130 MTOE in 2013 to 400 MTOE in 2025, from 8% in 2013 to 23% in 2025

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Indonesia Presidential Regulation PP no 79 2015 on National Energy Policy is important document on the energy economics because of two target that defined in the document:
1. Primary Energy Target 400 MTOE in 2025
2. Renewable Mix Target 23% in 2025
This regulation is approved on 17 October 2014.

To reach the target, we must know our current condition, which I found that the most reputable is from:
1. Indonesia Energy Outlook (DEN, Dec 2014) Ministry of ESDM
2. Indonesia Handbook of Energy & Economic Statistic (ESDM Handbook, Nov 2014) Pusdatin ESDM
3. BPPT Indonesia Energy Outlook, Sept 2014

From the two documents, we have the current posture of energy in Indonesia as follows:
1. Primary Energy in 2013, 180 MTOE (183 in preface, 188 in appendix)
2. Energy Consumption in 2013, 130 MTOE (134 in preface, 135.8 in appendix)
3. Renewable Mix in 2013, 8% 15 MTOE (8% in preface and appendix)

(134 in preface, 135.8 in appendix, 125.9 from ESDM handbook, conv: 1 BOE = 0.136 TOE)

In regard data quality in energy in Indonesia. Finally I can decided which data that I could use for further analysis and calculation:
1. DEN data is the most accurate data because they detailing data on Biomass Komersial and Biomass Traditional (cooking, stove).
2. Pusdatin data is using BOE instead of TOE, there would be some differences in statistical conversion, see primary energy DEN vs Pusdatin
3. BPPT data is also interesting source, it provide another perspective for example in energy mix. It emphasis that the target that will be reach is around 12% (11-13%), while in DEN data by using BAU scenario it has the same estimation of 13%.


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November 26, 2015 pada 6:22 am

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