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Emission: (Identify) Source, Measure (Annual Production), Monitor (Atmosphere)

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Step 1: Emission Source (GHG)
I start to realize, on various sources, and type of emission (direct vs indirect)

Step 2: Other Emission Source (Black-carbon)
Interesting that by sector Black Carbon is mainly from open burning and residential, with small 8% is from industry. But Bond (2004) in this paper can explain the total amount of BC.

Step 3: Measure
in 2004 World GHG is 41 billion ton (32 billion ton CO2) source CAIT
in 2004 CO2 is 22 billion ton, source World Bank
in 2014 CO2 is 40 billion ton, source global carbon project, see also here
in 2007 BC is 9.1 billion ton (Wang et al, 2014) trend in global BC emission 1960-2007
In 2004 BC is 8 billion ton (Bond et al) Technology based global inventory

Step 4: Atmosphere level
Learn about atmosphere greenhouse concentration

1 tonne = 1000 kilogram (kg) = 1 megagram (Mg)
1 Gigagram = 1000 Megagram (Mg) = 1 MTonne
1 Teragram = 1000 MTonne = 1 BTonne (Billion Tonne)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 27, 2015 pada 6:31 pm

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