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Energy Reserve / Potential

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The fact that Indonesia has 40% world’s geothermal resources is promoted by many Indonesia institution such as World Bank (2011), Wijaya, 2009, Indonesia Investment Board and Nasrudin et al, 2016. When 40% world’s reserves reference is made, Indonesia has Geothermal reserves of 28 GW, so it can be assume that world geothermal reserves is 70 GW. The 28 GW reserves estimation is clearly registered by Indonesian ministry of Energy, detail can be seen in various report.

Reserve / Potential Estimation Variation
On the world geothermal reserves can be vary from one estimation to another estimation. From Bobok (2014), the world estimation vary from 40-5900 GW. Another estimation is from USGS.

Capacity and Production
Where the 2014 actual consumption is 10 GW and 67 TWh (WGC2010), need further study

Bobok, Elemer, et al. “Methodology for Determining Geothermal Potential, 2014
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Bertani, Ruggero. “Geothermal energy: an overview on resources and potential.” Proceedings of the International Conference on National Development of Geothermal Energy Use, Slovakia


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 28, 2015 pada 10:29 am

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