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World Energy Production: 559 EJ, 13371 MTOE and 155,505 TWH in 2012 by IEA

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TIL that EJ is the unit of energy that can be most effective to be used in world energy scale. For example the world energy production (and also consumption, since its world level) is around 500 EJ or 500 Quad BTU. And to make it in perspective Indonesia has 6 QBTU of energy consumption, where US is 95 QBTU. Thanks to ZDNET Watts the Mystery. So the number would be something like this: World Primary Energy in 2012 is 13,371 MTOE or 155,505 TWH or 559 EJ. Unit measurement also need to be check here, here and here

Here is some important better to remember list from ZDNET

  • 1 barrel of oil is about 6 GJ
  • 7 barrels of oil is about 1 toe
  • 1 toe is about 42 GJ
  • 1 quad is about equal to 1 exajoule
  • 1 therm of natural gas is about 100 cf, or 100,000 Btu
  • 1 Mcf of natural gas is roughly 1 MMBtu
  • EJ = Exa Joule 10E18
  • 1 BTU = 1055 J

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 30, 2015 pada 6:12 am

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