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Cost of learning or cost of research

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At this moment, most of my time is spend on searching the reference, which is very time consuming. I found that the bias (distraction) is getting bigger in align with my effort to have an answer of something. For example, today, I start with simple keyword on Indonesia Energy History, in my expectation I would get a list of useful information on how energy policy in Indonesia is explained from oil boom in 1980s to coal boom in 2000s. However what I found is various paper that tempting or diverting my attention on pursuing certain focus that I have plan before.

What I have found for example from Dasuki (2001) on Solar PV Strategy in Indonesia which explain on the 50MWp installation of Solar PV in Indonesia. Singh and Setiawan (2013) on Biomass energy policy, and also Setiawan and Cuppen (2012) on Stakeholder Perspective on Carbon. Another 2002 study by Susandi and Tol on impact of international climate policy

The promosing study is from Das and Ahlgren (2010) on clean technologies on power, this study emphassis on CO2 reduction scenario in fossil fuel by Supercritical, CFBC, Adv CCGT and the use of renewable. The study using MARKAL, so it has clear methodology. And if refer to another paper that cite Das (2010) is from Rozana on potential CO2 reduction by using clean technology


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 2, 2015 pada 11:59 pm

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