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All research are connected

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What is more powerful that computer is always human ability. In the latest I used general search method to find the information that useful for the research. Now, I found that using reference search is better than general search. For example on today important paper that I choose is from Hasan et al (2012) on Indonesia energy scenario and Mujiyanto and Tiess (2013). Hasan provide comprehensive data and Mujiyanto also provide detail data on Indonesia energy condition. But the most interesting part is the related study. Related study mean all the research is connected.

For example on the relation of energy and emission, there are two paper that cite Hasan et al (2012), the first is Jafari et al (2012) with 12 citation and Shahbaz with (2013) with 36 citation. Jafari mention that “Indonesia’s economic growth, CO2emissions and energy consumption have no causality effects on each other” while Shahbaz mention that “energy consumption increases carbon emissions and economic growth is a major contributor to CO2 emissions”. Two different result, with of course different methodology. But the beauty of science is all documented with clear methodology to understand this discovery.

Well done, good night.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 3, 2015 pada 12:40 am

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