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Biofuel Potential in Indonesia

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Jupesta (2010) perform analysis on Biofuel potential in Indonesia with estimation of 2810 PJ/year or 67 Mtoe or 36% from 2013 Indonesia TPES, in electricity measurement is 779 TWh production or 177 TW capacity with efficiency 50%. Biofuel also able to reduce 168 Mtoe CO2 with profit 49 billion USD can be generated. The common plant that used are Sugarcane, Cassava, Palm Oil and Jatropha

The potential of biofuel is inline with the challenge of other biomass, which are more traditional biomass from forest, agro and municipal waste which Permadi and Oanh (2012) assess this emission impact. Further analysis on how biofuel energy is executed is analyzed by Jayed et al (2011) on biofuel vehicle in Indonesia and Malaysia

In addition, by reading the paper and several paper from Jupesta, I start to realize the importance of standing on the shoulders of giants. Jupesta in biofuel is equivalent with Reinders in solar PV and also as equivalent as Martosaputro (2014) wind energy


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 3, 2015 pada 10:42 am

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