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Indonesia Sustainable Energy (Purwanto et al, 2015)

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Connecting the Dots

There are a number of papers on sustainable energy in Indonesia, and I found that the study by Purwanto et all (2014) on multi-objective optimization model is one of key paper that should be used as reference because of couple reasons:

Novelty, this study declare that at that time, there are no optimization generation models for minimizing both generation cost and CO2 emission that consider a technology diffusion model and the availability of local energy.

Previous Study, the study declare that previous study from

  • Rachmatullah (2007) modelling resulted 15% reduction of GHG by Soontornrangson model
  • Yoo and Kim (2006) empirical analysis resulted no causality running from electricity generation to economic growth by Granger causality
  • Hasan et al (2012) pattern of electricity generation 1987 – 2009
  • Schmidt et al (2013) renewable energy based village grids

The main paper that used are 4 paper, which in my opinion the work of Rachmatullah (2007) where the credit should be given.

Clear Methodology (data source, objective)

Future Research, The challenge of future research will be to investigate complex regional geography of Indonesia’s energy system. Distributed renewable electricity will likely play an important role to increase electricity access and sustainability.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 3, 2015 pada 8:04 pm

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