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A Global Perspective of Indonesia Energy Environment

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Looking at energy environment policy in Indonesia in the principles it has no different compare with other country or similar size country policy and trend. For example Never and Betz (2014) on global perspective compare the climate policy in emerging countries such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico and South Africa. It can explain that A bad ratio of domestic fossil fuel production to financial power and a weak environmental civil society are a sufficient condition for weak climate policy performance. A weak domestic green industry combined with a weak influence of the negotiations only explains some of the cases. Another global perspective is study from Timilsina and Shrestha (2009) on transport sector CO2 emission policy which evaluate a number of government policies to limit CO2 emission growth where idenfity the similar pattern.

However single country perspective might provide different alternative of perspective than global perspective. For examaple Jupesta et al (2011) in energy environment policy paper argue that Indonesia need a coherence (alignment) between policies to avoid conflicting policies. Or study conducted by Endriana et al (2015) on which green economy that should prioritize using SAM approach. Although a country policy might be different but on the fundamental level it will be the same. So on the question, which approach is the best? will depending on the availability of data, because in research, to have a controlled environment to do testing is very important.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 4, 2015 pada 2:41 pm

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