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Current State of Indonesia Education and Research

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Rosser (2015) paper titled Neo-Liberalism and the polictis of higher education policy in Indonesia argue that education reform encountered strong resistance from dominant predatory, political, military and bureucratic element, it is very important paper to understand the current state of Indonesia education and research, where Andrew Rosser and Australian Scholar examine some of perspective that is not popularly discussed among Indonesian for example on state higher education (STAN/STPDN/Akmil/UIN).

Coming from research perspective Rosser see a things that might be different from average Indonesian scholar on what is the biggest challenge for education and research in Indonesia for example in The Jakarta Post, national largest english news paper, Subejo (2010) argue that the importance of research and development commitment based on the fact of number of researcher ratio and budget, where based on number of publication it indicating more urgent reform. The fact of the research and education challenge is Indonesia is nothing new, Rayendra (2012), McAdams (2012) opinion on research publication according Dikti Circullar Letter 152/E/T/2012 requirement on publication is discussed. But until now, Aliabbas (2015) and Pincus (2015) still urge the something on education quality reform.

Other perspetive from various Kompas Opinion which written by Indonesian Scholar for example Rizal (2015) agree on the importance of international publication, while Magnis-Suseno (2015) emphasis on how to have more proportional achievement measurement. Gunawan (2015) and Tjandra (2015) argue on the effectiveness of the policy. But at the end, as argued by Abduhzen (2015) to develop academic culture is more important.

In my opinion Indonesia is getting better, far more better. Back in 2005, the repository of publication is very limited, but now with,, even, might provide better access to research about Indonesia (RAI) and research from Indonesia (RFI).


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 4, 2015 pada 11:00 am

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