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Indonesian Perception on Energy Policy

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35,000 MW is Indonesia energy policy that promoted in Joko Widodo presidency administration. 35,000 MW start to be exposed in international forum in the APEC 2014 summit, where president mention that Indonesia need to build new 35,000 MW up to 2019. The formal inauguration of 35,000 MW is on Mei 2015 as part of first Indonesian Wind Turbin ground breaking in Jogjakarta. Description on relation of 35,000 MW and energy sovereignty can be found here and here

35,000 MW program also criticized by some party that argue it is unrealistic. While other opinion such Tumiwa (Sept 2015) argue that 35,000 MW is important due to energy demand and emphasis that private sector contribution has a big role in achieving the goal. Or argument by Kuncoro (Oct 2015) on the importance of the 35,000 for Indonesia economy.

From Economy Policy to Energy Policy. Taking out the political concern, the relation of energy on the economy is unquestionable. Energy is directly related with national policy and agenda. For example, Widodo (Mei, 2014) writes about Revolusi Mental (Mental Revolution) as a platform for his presidency campaign which the guideline is using Triksati Pilar on politic, economy and cultural approach. More over this platform is detailed in plan called Nawacita, english version, indonesia version.

Putting energy policy as part of economy policy is a complex subject. By the definition economy itself might be rise contradiction, as Basri (2015) and Djiwandono (2015) writes about economy forecast and economy policy.

Energy economics and environment economics in conceptual is a policy science as Deblonde (2000) mention. This also the same challenge as economy more focusing on policy instead of discovery of fundamental as stated by Shiller a 2013 Economy Nobel recipient, which emphasis on the fact that economy is part of politics or the basic question on if economics is a science.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 5, 2015 pada 5:35 pm

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