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Oil and Gas contribution in Indonesia: Money and Knowledge

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The importance of oil and gas sector in Indonesia economy is unquestionable, from national budget contribution oil and gas sector provide 81.4 T of PNPB and 49.5 T of PPh, which around 7.4% of national budget. However from knowledge (science and education) perspective, the Indonesia interest in having an Oil & Gas research is not reflected. The oil & gas study (here) and (here) that significant recently is on Lusi Mud Volcano, which can be argued becoming significant because there is legal consequences. Other study on Petroleum systems of Indonesia is one of example study on Indonesia.

Although oil and gas research in Indonesia seem rare, from regional point of view such ASEAN a study such as the sustainability challenges for electricity industries in ASEAN newly industrialising countries seems promising. Also on indicator of energy security of natural gas

Economy and Energy
To understand the relation on energy and economy, there are couple of study that can be refered to. For example ECLIPSE: An integrated energy-economy model for climate, Emerging economies adoption of renewable energy, Analysis of oil export dependency, local content policies in petroleum countries

Political Economy and Energy
Many cases in Indonesia and developing countries on the national energy policy is depending on the political economy in the country. A paper of Sovacool (2010) on The political economy of oil and gas in Southeast Asia: heading towards the natural resource curse is explained this situation. Similar study also by Rehman et al (2012) on the political economy of energy


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 5, 2015 pada 12:16 am

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