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Multi Perspective of Human Behavior, Organization and Business

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The first time I read Steve Denning (2012) opinion on What killed Michael Porter’s Monitor Group is really open my mind on what is happened in the consulting/professional services world. Denning stated that customer is the dominant force that shape the marketplace. A similar article like Denning that I found is on the disruption machine by Jill Lapore (2014) who criticize Clayton Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation. Or, in similar tone, article by Shiller (2013) a Economy nobel recipient on the is Economy a science

Fast forward in the year after, I realized that the science propose a multi dimension and dynamic perspective of everything. The open mind experience that I perceived the year before might be seen in a very dynamic perspective of human behavior. From a reflective review of a disruptive innovation theory by Yu and Hang (2010) to empirical and experimental approach.

From business point of view, in making a decision, I understand that the customer willing to use third party services because of the brand legitimation reason and the use of independent party reason. In developing complex solution, I used to rely everything on Forrester/Gartner to provide an insight on the business challenge from how to developing corporate policy, on which activities should be prioritize. Or couple of data source like Economist Intelligence Unit depending on the requirements.

Afterall, taking a more global perspective on history of management, refer on the paper by Pindur et al (2005), I would say what my wife also would remind me that the key to gaining and maintaining competitive advantage is by awareness and willingness to open and understand. The things that my wife emphasis on the art of life.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 6, 2015 pada 12:14 pm

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