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Renewable Energy Policy Study

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Study on renewable energy policy is could be performed using quantitative empirical deductive approach or it can be using qualitative inductive approach. However the divider between this two different approach is not clearly distinctable

The empirical analysis such as by Burer and Wustenhagen (2009) which perform empirical study on clean technology investory by using survey of 60 investment professional which conclude that feed-in-tarif to be the most effective renewable energy policy. The qualitative approach for example by Rio and Burguillo on renewable energy and sustainability theoretical framework.

The qualitative approach for example Menanteau et al (2002) might use both theoritical and practical approach, while Ang might use popular decomposition analysis to study the renewable energy policy. Another example is by Verbong et al (2008 on Multi-niche analysis of dynamics and policies in Dutch renewable energy innovation journeys paper that used innovation as one of the research area.

A study by Carley (2009) on US State renewable energy policies has the same objective of study by Hargreaves et al (2010) on energy consumption in household. However the data might be interpreted on the different way. Carley would be on the quantitative, while Hargreaves would be on qualitative.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 6, 2015 pada 11:28 am

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