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Science and Education in Indonesia

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Science (bahasa: ilmu) in the simplest definition is knowledge (bahasa: pengetahuan). In bahasa Indonesia science can be translated into ‘sains’ or ‘ilmu pengetahuan’. Just like science definition in western that refer to ‘natural science’ in Indonesia the term ‘sains’ also refer to ‘ilmu pengetahuan alam’ or natural science. Another popular term is MIPA (Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam) or Math and Natural Science.

One of definition of Science by British Science Council define that Science is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence. Looking at this definition, we can expand that education is a process of learning knowledge. Based on definition above science, education, research, university can be refer into an important thing that is required by people and humanity. And also the reason of science is important because it can tell us what is true and avoid misconception and misinterpretation of everythings.

Just like the spirit of science on skeptism, science also being criticized, for example on the importance and impact of science for our life. A study by Lewis et al (2011) stated that in the international context, the quality of primary education in Indonesia is sub-standard using empirical data of from Governance Decentralization Survey (GD2) in 2006 conclude that the challenge that face Indonesia education is mainly from inefficiencies, where the education budget is not as big as predicted. Another example is from Posso (2011) which in his paper argues that a greater expenditure is unlikely to resolve quality issues related to education in Indonesia

The science institutions also can be criticized such as by Beerkens (2010) stated in paper title Global models for national research university that from a government perspective, this has led to a comprehensive strategy in Malaysia to enhance the skill base of the nation. In Indonesia on the other hand, a lack of policies can be detected. Or by Marginson and Sawir on Comparative study of Indonesia and Australian University

Science, whether it is a natural science, social science or formal science like math and computer science is open our mind for better quality of life. It was beautifully crafted and written just like history of Indonesia from science perspective, like a study by Peter Carey (1976) on the origins of the Java War (1825-30) and Lindblad (2013) British business and uncertainties in early Indonesia independence.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 7, 2015 pada 1:17 pm

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