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Islam in Indonesia – Dissertation and Study

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In my opinion, any effort to improve the quality of life of Indonesian should start with understanding the culture of Indonesian people. Understanding the culture, the social structure, the history of Indonesian people is very important. To be more specific any social study in Indonesia especially on political should include the study on Islam, which be practiced by around 80% population of Indonesia.

That is why I really appreciate of the effort on the study of Barkin (2014) on commercial islam and television in Indonesia, on Islamic Post-Traditionalism by Kersten (2014), or Political Islam by Ufen (2009). Also a number of Indonesian researcher to give effort expanding the science.

1995 Rifki Rosyad, A quest for true islam – youth in bandung (MSc Thesis)
2003 Ikrar Nusa Bakti, the transition of democracy in indonesia
2004 Azyumardi Azra, Origins of Islamic Reformism in Southeast Asia Networks of Malay Indonesian
2005 Laskar Jihad Noorhaidi Hasan (PhD Dissertation)
2006 EWC the politics of military reform post suharto
2006 Yon Machmudi Islamising Indonesia the rise of tarbiyah and PKS
2009 Noorhaidi Hasan, Islamic Party PKS
2010 ANU Soeharto new order and legacy


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 7, 2015 pada 5:14 pm

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