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Why Indonesian choose to be a Lecturer

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Winder and Sarros (2010) paper on the academic work environment in Australian university indentifies that the reason that becoming lecturer is unattractive (demotivating) is because of the workload. The same reason that Marsh (2015) in opinion on reasons people become and quit become teacher is about workload. Become lecturer is not easy job, especially in Indonesian case where the academic environment is sub standard compare with international education (Lewis et al 2011).

A popular opinion on the reasons that people does not want to be lecturer is salary, although the main reason which argue by Abdul Hamid and Sudaryanto is on the workload. Which by reading the two latest government regulation on the academic environment which are PermenPAN no 17 2013 on the requirement of lecturer to have international publication, and regulation Dikti No.152/E/T/2012 on requirement of student to have their dissertation published in journal indicating that the workload of become lecturer is very hard and difficult.

This condition is also getting harder by the pressure on Indonesian related publication in the predatory journal, where if we see in the from other perspective (scopus) of the academic publication from university and journal of Indonesia the problem is not as easy as what it seen.

At the end, I believe that majority Indonesian choose to be lecturer because of honest, trustworthy and honorable reasons. Most of the lecturer that I met basically a good guy with a good (mulia) reasons. For example by Yudi Wibisono reason to be lecturer. Contrary with the image of profession such as politician, police, attorney or law related profession which has very bad image, lecturer profession is one of very limited profession in Indonesia that still has a very good image in society. Finally, just a quick reminder, in a country where majority population still fight to get basic access to health and education, (not mention that a large number below the poverty line) what do you think should be a priority?


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 7, 2015 pada 10:36 pm

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