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Advancing Science for Indonesia

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At first, I thought science will providing an englightenment for people who study on it. However, in the later, I found that science is more complicated than previously I thought. Here is the simple example.

The controversy
On the Danny Hilman Natawijaya ‘Gunung Padang’ case and Warsito Taruno Cancer Therapy in opinion on Nature. This article offers a lesson from Indonesia on what can go wrong when governments use research to make country look good.

The never ending scientist debate.
On the approach to solve energy problem. An approach from economist versus approach from environmentalist can have a very different result, due to interpretation of definition and duration of timescale. In Economist and Nytimes the perspective of this two approach is discussed.

From Theoritical Science to Applied Engineering
Environment Science, Environment Economics, Environment Engineering. What else?


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 10, 2015 pada 11:44 am

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