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Energy and Environment Study from Non-Economic-Social Approach

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Energy and Environment study have been performed by various researcher by various background. It can be summarize as follows:

Economic Approach of Energy and Environment
Economic science approach aim to understanding relationship of the energy/environment with the economy. There are plenty research such as:

  • Resosudarmo (2002) using Computable General Equilibirum (CGE) to understand relation of environment and economy in relation with Indonesia’ clean air program. Resosudarmo (1996) full text PhD Thesis also available reporting the relation of environmental policies with Indonesia economy.
  • Arifin and Syahrudin (2011) using Toda-Yamamoto and Engle-Granger procedure to understand relation of Renewable/Non renewable with GDP in Indonesia.
  • Yusuf (2008) using CGE to understand relation of carbon tax and energy pricing reform.
  • White (2007) decentralized environmental taxation

Socio Political Approach of Energy and Environment

However there are limited study on Energy and Environment Study from Non-Economic/Non-Social Approach for example:

  • Rumbayan et al (2012) on Solar energy potential using Artificial Neural Network and GIS
  • Sugiyono (2015) on Geothermal potential, Sugiyono writes a number of study in relation of energy and environment.

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Desember 10, 2015 pada 2:06 pm

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