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Energy: What Scientist can Help

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A developing country is generally characterised by inadequate essential infrastructure but with limited financial resources to address the problem (Rachmatullah, 2007). In the recent 10 years, starting 2004 with government policies to have 25% share in renewables and to reduce 26% GHG. The government policy on energy impacting the energy research which usually using this policies to background to their research.

Scientist can provide an a study on number of potential energy that can achieve the target. For example in Solar PV (Veldhuis and Reinders, 2013), Geothermal (Nasrudin et al, 2016), (Tanoto and Wijaya, 2011) in Biofuel (Klug et al, 2015), (Rahmadi et al, 2013), in Technology Scenario (Rachmatullah et al 2007). In addressing the emission, scientist can help by providing analysis on how to reduce CO2 emission using Carbon Capture Storaage (Othman et al, 2009), or Biomass Open Burning Emissions (Permadi and Kim, 2013)

In the Jokowi 2014 presidency era, the trend of government policy is strenghtening on energy security which by generating 35,000 MW in 2015-2019. The composition of 35,000 are Batubara 42,1 GW 59.8%, PLTGU gas 9.1 GW 13,0%, PLTA 9,3 GW 13.1% and other 0,07 GW 0.1%.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 13, 2015 pada 1:34 pm

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