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History of Rice and The Humble Rice Philosophy

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“There was a causal link between the need for large-scale irrigation for wet-rice cultivation and the origins of the despotic southeast asian state”

I have not read Peter Boomgaard (b 1946) book on Southeast Asia: An Environmental History (2007) book. I think it was the same masterpiece book that written by Peter Carey (b 1948) on Diponegoro. Its about wet rice-irrigated (paddy-field) cultivation systems.

Rice is important element in my life. I eat it everyday, everywhere. It should be a reminder of where I come from, how our culture (Indonesian), and what the principles and philosophy that I should live in. A philoshopy of humble rice, which means that a mature ready to harvest rice is bending downward.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 13, 2015 pada 7:28 pm

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