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What is the Biggest Challenge in Renewable Energy Technology

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Jacobsson and Bergek (2004) in transforming the energy sector paper based study in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands argue that three features of energy sector which are energy system is huge, market are not easily formed, promonents of establish energy system often attempt to block the diffussion of renewables. This study discuss on the policy challenge which are:
– Create conditions that promote self-sustained
– Understanding technological system
– Policy Coordination
– Contribute to a process of institutional alignment

It is not as simple as storage, capacity factor, land acquisition/energy density, base/peak load, economic. It is the same question as how to make a nation become wealthy. I dont know, still need to study and learn more.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 14, 2015 pada 10:47 am

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