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Energy Security

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“The strengths of the Singapore energy security are mainly the low energy intensity, its status as an oil refining hub, high electricity grid reliability and low consumption per capita. Singapore’s energy security has been stable for the past 20 years.” (Ang et al, 2014) on A framework for evaluating Singapore’s energy security.

“The definition of energy security should be revisited periodically to ensure that it remains relevant. With ever changing environment and new developments in the energy field, energy security as a context-dependent concept will need to be revised regularly to reflect changes in priorities or newly emerged threats” (Ang et al, 2014) on Energy security: Definitions, dimensions and indexes.

An over-dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels in Malaysia energy sector has made the country extremely vulnerable to volatile prices and interruptions to the fuel supply, especially since Malaysia is expected to become a net oil importer by 2030. Concerted efforts undertaken by the government so far are slowly gaining momentum with concerns about skyrocketing oil prices and higher feed-in tariff
(Oh et al, 2010) on Energy Policy and Alternative Energy in Malaysia

“The energy insecurity of Thailand is mainly because of rising energy demand, limited (fossil) energy reserves, political market risk of energy imports and the energy price in the world market. Transportation sector is the most vulnerable because of significant increasing demand of petroleum products. This would also contribute to the high production cost of other industries.” Marchamadol and Kumar (2012) on Thailand’s energy security indicators


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Desember 15, 2015 pada 1:31 pm

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