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Correlation Does Not Mean Causation

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In university, I have heard a story of a relation between GPA and future career of the student. It was said that a high rank GPA, A student would be a lecturer, B grade student would be professional, C grade student would be entrepreneur and D grade student will be politician. The richest? of course in the reverse order, politician is the richest because they also an entrepreneur, enterpreneur and professional is the second and the A student would be the poorest.

The relation of GPA and career is not the only relational that I heard in University. Another relational is between GPA and duration of study. It was said the latest student to graduate usually the one with high GPA, when average is four year, the six and seven year duration is usually with the high GPA. Or in another version, the high GPA usually took their dissertation longer than the average GPA. For example if a high GPA could finish the taught course in 3 year, they require another 3 years to complete the dissertation. While the average GPA which require 4 year of taught course, might just finish their dissertation in just 1 year.

This kind of relational is contrary with what popular people belief. People usually tend to think that the high GPA will be the one that most successful, both in career or in duration of study. This relational also being promoted and popularize in so many level, from the corporation that argue certification with examination would not prove anything, the same with argument driving license does not mean you drive better. Later the myth of education, or the myth of intelligence is popularize on the work environment or even in the post-graduate study.

In that case my explanation would be:

  • GPA is not cause of Career, there are so many reason such as company system, performance
  • GPA is not cause of early graduate, there are so many reson such as motivation to pursue other activity than study.

However, majority of people did not care with causation. And for some reason, this causation topic is as good as used for discussion with friend or relative in afternoon tea.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 16, 2015 pada 12:44 pm

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