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Indonesia Civil Servant

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“One of the most important lessons of the economic history of modern nations is that the most crucial requirements of social transformation can only be delivered by the public authority. A government that does not pay for skilled personnel to deliver education, health and land reform is one that condemns its people to under-development”

V.K. Ramachandran, Economist

Lets put some perspective:
GDP 2014: 10,542 trilliun IDR (Per capita 41,8 mill IDR / 3631 USD)
APBN-P 2015: 1,984 trilliun (18% of GDP)
APBN 2012: 1,292 trill IDR (15,9% GDP)
Civil Servant Salary: 180 trill IDR (13% of national budget)
Number of civil servant: 5 million (1.7% of total population)

However in comparison with other developed country, Indonesia percentage of national budget to GDP is still low, and number of civil servant ratio is still low.

How to attract talent in civil service
Well according to World Bank analysis, the Indonesia civil salary is considered high.

Example in BPK (National Audit Board)
Number of auditor estimated 3600 (60% from total 6000), compare with Big 4 auditor which less than 3200 (80% from 4000), but the assets that audited by BPK is far more bigger than Big 4 asset. And looking at environmental audit report, in mining sector, air pollution, enviroment audit at Chevron report from BPK, I think they are doing very good job.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 17, 2015 pada 1:59 pm

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