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What is Wrong with Measuring, Comparing and Forecasting

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What’s wrong with measuring? (something)
What’s wrong with comparing? (everyhing)
What’s wrong with forecasting? it only right with monitoring

“What’s wrong with GDP? something is wrong.
GDP is imperfect, but it was the best we can have, its a perspective to measure. Just what Simon Kuznets said on scarcely infering of GDP data to nation welfare”

There are a lot of argument in Indonesia that used comparative number to present an idea. For example in regard of health budget 5% from national budget, or education budget 20% from national budget. Number of ratio also being promoted such as civil-servant to population, journal to population, PhD to population, military budget as national budget, number of public transportation to population. Most of argument saying that we are still lack of something compare with some others country.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 17, 2015 pada 2:40 pm

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