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I write this in a skeptism tone after realize that Harvard Business Review Impact Factor is only 0.58, compare with International Journal of Project Management by IPMA which IF is higher by 1.51

The Limitation of Science: Leadership, Management and Things that can not be taught
I also start to realize that even in practical life, Forbes article write that only need 10% of formal learning required to develop leadership, 20% by informal learning such as mentoring, and the rest 70% is from on the job experience. The same reason why scientist can not be rich, is the same reason why scientist can not be a good leader, because to be rich and to be great it is only can be achieved by accumlation of experience (wealth) in the field (real life) situation.

The Science Answer to “Can management be taught?
In the end, the answer to the question, “Can management be taught?”, is yes. Management can be taught to certain people. However, not all people are suitable to be taught management just as not all are suitable to teach it. We can only hope that these programs will continue to improve themselves by looking at some of their deficiencies, acknowledging them, and correcting them.

When The Economist is useful (read: popular magazine)
In understanding popular news, an article on “The Economist Explains” might useful as starter. Or in satire why Science goes wrong, is useful for critical evaluation. Which a reminder to be honest scientist, might be distracted because of human nature.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 19, 2015 pada 7:54 pm

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