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SBY Sustainable Growth with Equity vs Jokowi Trisakti: PEST and Tropical Economy

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TIL that all of politician promote the same message on the PEST framework: Political, Economic, Social aspects. From Soekarno, Soeharto to SBY and Jokowi.

1830 Culture System
18XX Liberal System
1901 Ethical Policy
1940 Hatta Religious Socialism
1940 Soekarno Nationalist, Guided Economy
1970 Soeharto Capitalist Economy

SBY (2009) “Indonesia 2025” is vision where Indonesia are a self-dependency (kemandirian), competitiveness (daya saing) and excellence in civilization (peradaban yang unggul).

SBY (2012) “Sustainable Growth with Equity” policies on growth (infrastructure, education), stability/sustainability (financial, political), equality

Jokowi (2014) “Trisakti” is a vision where Indonesia are sovereign (berdaulat) in its politics, independent (mandiri) in regard to its economy and distinct in its cultural character (berkepribadian)

very good resources, here, here, here, here,


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 21, 2015 pada 7:18 am

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