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Indonesia Climate Change Strategic Planning

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Climate Change is national strategic issues, so to trace it we need to ask Bappenas (National Development Planning Agency). Bappenas define the climate change as part of Long Term National Development Plan 2005-2025 (based on Law 17 no 2007). In general it is cross sectoral for both adaption (agriculture, health, ocean and water) and mitigation (energy, industry, transport). Bappenas also published Indonesia Climate Change Sectoral Roadmap (ICCSR), this provide a high level strategy on each initiative in each sector.

My simple question, what scientist could help in realizing the climate change plan.

  1. Policy Integration Studies, scientist could find which policy that most effective. Thuy (2014) on Integration of Adaption and Mitigation in Climate Change and Forest Policies in Indonesia and Vietnam provide a good study where scientist can identify challenge in national level and opportunities in local level. Another study by Thomalla and Djalante on integration of Disaster Management and Climate Change adaptation policy.

  2. Agriculture Studies, scientist could identify effect on climate variability on rice yield. Study of Amien (1996) on Effects of interannual climate variability and climate change on rice yield in Java -knowing that 60% (40 x 106t) rice produced in Indonesia are from the island of Java.

  3. Modelling Studies, Schroth (2015) study on A modeling study of current and future climatic suitability of Arabica coffee in Indonesia. Scientist can predict that according to the decreasing rainfall, it will decreasing the coffee production, therefore should be compensated by expansion into other area.

  4. Social Studies, scientist could find the people response on climate change impact (flood, failure crop). On political economy studies, scientist could find relation of political economy between two cities (Patunru et al 2012).

It remind that scientist and ‘practitioner’ (or even with different scientist) think differently. Practitioner think how to excute (how people will follow), how to implement the policy. While scientist on different perspective. It can think why we need to execute (modelling), how we need execute (which sector first).


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Desember 22, 2015 pada 2:53 am

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