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At this moment, I realize I will have difficulties to be a scientist. It require a consistent path. The thing that I thought was my competitive advantage is weakness. For example, execution speed is contradicted with careful calculation of science. I also need to admit that being lecturer is also thing that I will be having difficulty to compete with other on the track lecturer. Hmmff (deep breathe)

Choosing for research area for example, I have a wide coverage interest of everything, from study by Oppenheimer (2003) on Climatic, environmental and human consequences of the largest known historic eruption: Tambora volcano (Indonesia) 1815 to study by Doherty et al (2006) on Tropospheric ozone and El Niño–Southern Oscillation: Influence of atmospheric dynamics, biomass burning emissions, and future climate change. Both of this study is interesting but I need to realize that from Smith (1984) consideration in developing research topics #6: the size is it manageable.

  1. Can it be enthusiastically pursued? No Issues
  2. Can interest be sustained by it? No Issues
  3. Is the problem solvable?
  4. Is it worth doing?
  5. Will it lead to other research problems? No Issues
  6. Is it manageable in size?
  7. What is the potential for making an original contribution to the literature in the field?
  8. If the problem is solved, will the results be reviewed well by scholars in your field?
  9. Are you, or will you become, competent to solve it?
  10. By solving it, will you have demonstrated independent skills in your discipline? (No Issues)
  11. Will the necessary research prepare you in an area of demand or promise for the future?

Filling the gap my biggest fear
When a gap is discovered, it is worth doing, maybe no one doing it because it is not worth #5 and the problem is impossible to be solved #3

ref, ref


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 22, 2015 pada 3:29 am

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