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Indonesia Leadership PhD Dissertation: Bapak-ism

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In practical, Indonesia leadership style is different than the style of western or east asian leadership. There are several cases that foreign investor who does not understand the cultural aspect of Indonesian is failed in making investment in Indonesia. Any study that used Indonesian context in for leadership study is required.

Exploring Paternalistic Leadership and its Application to the Indonesian Context, PhD in Cross-Cultural Leadership, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto 2011 full text
Paternal Leadership (PL) is characterised by a patriarchal and hierarchical authoritation style of management. It is strongly characterised by absolute guidance, the protection of subordinates, harmony building and moral leadership. Irawanto by using 801 civil servants as sample, he verified that PL is empirically practiced in Indonesia. He also emphasis that the need for a non-coercive leadership is a world-wide priority. Irawanto is very productive, he published 6 paper to support the dissertation.

Leadership Styles in Indonesia Between Cultural Specificity and Universality, Angela Oktavia Suryani (b 1976) full text
Study indicated that bapak-ism leadership from Indonesia is understood, practiced, perceived as effective, and appreciated across cultures. It means that this leadership style is accepted in a global context. The result may contribute to the process of recruitment, selection, and initial orientation of sojourners who will work with Indonesians or in organizations in the Indonesian context. It is suggested that candidates who will be appointed to work in Indonesia should be individuals who can practice transformational –
bapak-ism leadership characteristics.

Leadership on Java: Gentle Hints, Authoritation Rule full text

Leadership with inner meaning: A contingency theory of leadership based on the worldviews of five religions full text

Leadership, Party, and Religion: Explaining Voting Behavior in Indonesia full text

A case study of transformational leadership and para-police performance in Indonesia full text


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