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Java, Indonesia Electricity, 17508 Island Perspective: IP, PJB, UPJB

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We, Indonesian are very proud with the fact that we have 17,508 islands (1987), this is the number that I remember most of the time. Although in my childhood (1980s) I remember it as 13,000 islands, which according to LAPAN (2002) is 18,307 islands. From electricity perspective, our electricity production is 216189 Gwh (78.3% in Java Island and 75.8% is owned by PLN (State Owned Enterprise). From unit perspective we have around 4925 power plan which 89.8% of it are Diesel PP (4422 unit).

Java is the biggest islands, 56,7% population is here, with population around 141-145 million, if its a country its a ninth or tenth biggest in the world, if compare with islands it is the biggest (Honsu Japan 2nd, Great Britan 3rd)

Electricity Capacity (2014) in Java Bali is 31.136,77 MW, which consist of:
– Indonesia Power: 26,23% (8.167,27 MW),
– UPJB: 26,21% (8.161,00 MW)
– PT PJB: 20,31% (6.323,85 MW)
– UB Tanjung Jati B: 8,49% (2.643,80 MW)
– IPP: 18,76% (5.840,85 MW)

It is not that complicated right :)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 24, 2015 pada 10:05 am

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