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How Important is Climate Change for Average Indonesian?

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Honestly, climate change is the least priority for average Indonesian like me. My everyday concern is about traffic jam, flood and increase of price (house, education, food). But well, flood is about climate change right? well, majority opinion on flood is because of extreme weather, waste and water flow management. For Jakartan especially flood is the biggest fear that Jakartan can imagine, it is combination of traffic jam to opportunity loss at the same time.

Those three biggest average Indonesian concern (traffic-flood-price / macet-banjir-mahal) is believed my most of Indonesian by almost can not be changed. The reason of high urbanization, inefficiencies and tight competition is almost impossible to be solved.

Does people really dont care?
They care. House of representative care, religious organization care, Ministry of Finance Care they build fiscal/policy to support climate change initiative, Ministry of Energy, Oil & Gas Task Forces, Media really care from Kompas to CNN Indonesia reporting COP21 UNFCCC or any climate change issues.

But, does people really care?
Well I have never heard any Bundaran HI demonstration on Climate Change, or even if it is, the scale compare with Fuel Subsidy, Labor Wage, Religious Right or Election Demonstration is very huge difference.

Well, the publication of forest fire? development of Batang largest coal power plant in south east asia? Indonesian care about climate change right?
Hmm, well to be honest, I dont know.

Climate change maybe to high level, how about pollution?
I think, pollution issues is more down to earth compare climate change. I heard many pollution issues in relation with river  (water pollution), plastic pollution in river, visual pollution (never heard), and some of air pollution issues.

How about go green? organic (expensive) food?
Maybe it is closer with trend.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 25, 2015 pada 5:39 pm

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