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NGO vs Mass Organization: Science of Criticality

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Non-Governmental Organization is difficult to define, although the effort to criticize government sometimes be interpreted as Anti-Government Organization. The government definition of Mass Organization (NGO) is on UU 17 2013. Public opinion here, here and here on NGO is vary (from neutral to partisan)

From science opinion there are a studies from Leng Khor (2011) stating that The oil palm industry in Indonesia and Malaysia continues to be impacted by European NGO campaigning. Bryant (2001) on stated that critical engagementhas come to serve as the basis of relationsbetween reform-minded NGOs and statesinteracting over environmental matters inSoutheast Asia. Suharno (2004) Generally speaking, NGO operatives in the field tend to have tertiary education and to come from other parts of Indonesia. Their knowledge of local situations and of the sociocultural characteristics of each population is often very cursory and may be restricted to the background available in books.

Afterall it remind me that at the end we need criticality, just like Scientific Method is formalization of critical thinking. An explanation of Self Organized Criticality in How Nature Works: The Science of Self-Organised Criticality


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 26, 2015 pada 6:48 am

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