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Why Dissertation is Matter: One Step Before Paper

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A list of PhD dissertation from Crawford ANU, written on Indonesia is very valuable resources. Ethos BL also stated that “A wealth of data is buried in theses which can shed light on very interesting areas”, or list from Environment Phd List Dissertation is useful resources that can bridge for inexperienced reader between casual reading (magazine/newspaper) to scientific paper, where in my opinion PhD dissertation is more easy to understand because it is very clear in the structure and explanation.

Here is couples of dissertation that I found

Corporate Governance of State-owned enterprises: Investment holding structure of government linked companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Agung Wicaksono (2009)

The political economy of manufacturing protection in Indonesia 1975-1995, Chatib Basri (2001)
The formation of an Indonesian national SOE holding company might be the right means to build a better structure for the corporate governance of Indonesian SOEs. There is a global trend toward managing state-assets “under one roof” as a logical consequence of the need for better performance control and strategy


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 27, 2015 pada 12:49 pm

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