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Research: Approach, Methodology and Structure

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Research Approach is a method of research being conducted

I found that on the earth/environment sciences research, has two high level approach:

A. Quantification/Quantitative Study
Measurement of oil reserve potential, solar energy potential, emission quantification. It can be performed in two level.
1. First level is using primary data e.g using Satellite Data, using Spectrometer for emission, or taking sample in forest or artic.
2. The second level is using secondary data, e.g calculating potential of wind energy based on GIS data using computational approach. Secondary data can be research using two methods:

a. Modelling (e.g LEAP)
LEAP Purpose: Demand, supply, environmental impacts. Integrated approach. The objective includes energy policy analysis, environmental policy analysis, biomass- and land-use assessment, pre-investment project analysis, integrated energy planning, full (all) fuel cycle analysis. Applicable to industrialized as well as developing countries
b. Statistics (CGE, ANOVA etc)

B. Qualitative Study (Survey)
1. First Level (Primary data) e.g Interview or questionnaire
2. Secondary Data (Policy Analysis)

C. Hybrid (in between) Policy Study, it can be used survey or modelling based on static data

Research Methodology / Theoritical Approach: Is a perspective of seeing a problem

In depth concept
1. Relational, Transportation + Factor that affecting transportation (fuel type, age, technology)
2. Impact Assessment, Transportation + (Cause, Results, Option)

Combination concept
1. Combination of two concept e.g Planning + Sustainability
2. Combination of three concept e.g Developing Country + Energy System + Energy Transition

Research Structure: How reasonable research being conducted, which limited effort and time
1.  Relative New Research (3 steps) Problem Statement – Research Question – Research Strategy (Theory)
2. Mature Research (2 steps): Research Question (Aim) – Research Strategy (Methodology)
3. New Subject in Mature research (2 steps): Research Question (Understanding) – Research Strategy (Theoritical)

Looking at the approach, methodology and structure. It is understood that we can not copy other’s work. The first thing that should be defined is on the approach start develop a testable research question.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 28, 2015 pada 4:54 pm

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