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1.What is a CONCEPT. What most important aspect of CONCEPT. What we can do with the CONCEPT
2.What is CURRENT situation from the CONCEPT perspectives. What is barrier and opportunities.
3.what is FUTURE situation from CONCEPT perspectives. What is the option, what is the impact.

Sample Implementation.

1.What aspect of energy system that needs to be evaluated?
2.Current situation: What is current situation (barrier and opportunities), current energy system impact
3.Future option: what is the option, what is the impact

Sample Breakdown in Chapter

What is current situation (3 chapter e.g overview (1), actors (2), process(3))
What is barrier (0.5 chapter e.g barriers and recommendation (4))
What is recommendation (0.5 chapter e.g barriers and recommendation (4))

Updated: 8 Sept 2017

Single CONCEPT research (e.g Sustainable Energy, Renewable Energy, Environmental Energy, Transport etc)
– Analysis of CONCEPT
– Identification characteristics of CONCEPT
– Identify barriers and opportunities of CONCEPT
– Identification contributing factor of CONCEPT
– What is the impact of CONCEPT
– Assessment of potential impact of CONCEPT

– How to improve a CONCEPT
– What is the impact of policy on CONCEPT
– Determine which policy most effective for CONCEPT
– Identification of policy that successfull of CONCEPT implementation
– How to measure and monitoring CONCEPT that has been implemented
– How integration of NEW CONCEPT with CONCEPT

– To develop or construct SOMETHING on CONCEPT
– Evaluate current CONCEPT
– Analyze detail CONCEPT consumption pattern
– Determine potential strategies for CONCEPT

How a CONCEPT can be implemented in LOCATION

Relation of two CONCEPT (e.g CONCEPT1: Economy, CONCEPT2-3: Environment, Energy)
– Develop a methodology to capture the impact of CONCEPT1 to CONCEPT2 and the impact of CONCEPT2 on the CONCEPT1
– Elaboration of a CONCEPT2 policy on implemented LOCATION
– How a policy CONCEPT2 does not impacted CONCEPT1

CONCEPT1 Significant
– Does CONCEPT3 policy contribute optimally to CONCEPT1
– How CONCEPT3 policy could be change and to what extend
– What impact of CONCEPT3 policy on CONCEPT1


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