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Single CONCEPT research (e.g Sustainable Energy, Renewable Energy, Environmental Energy, Transport etc)
– Analysis of CONCEPT
– Identification characteristics of CONCEPT
– Identify barriers and opportunities of CONCEPT
– Identification contributing factor of CONCEPT
– What is the impact of CONCEPT
– Assessment of potential impact of CONCEPT

– How to improve a CONCEPT
– What is the impact of policy on CONCEPT
– Determine which policy most effective for CONCEPT
– Identification of policy that successfull of CONCEPT implementation
– How to measure and monitoring CONCEPT that has been implemented
– How integration of NEW CONCEPT with CONCEPT

– To develop or construct SOMETHING on CONCEPT
– Evaluate current CONCEPT
– Analyze detail CONCEPT consumption pattern
– Determine potential strategies for CONCEPT

How a CONCEPT can be implemented in LOCATION

Relation of two CONCEPT (e.g CONCEPT1: Economy, CONCEPT2-3: Environment, Energy)
– Develop a methodology to capture the impact of CONCEPT1 to CONCEPT2 and the impact of CONCEPT2 on the CONCEPT1
– Elaboration of a CONCEPT2 policy on implemented LOCATION
– How a policy CONCEPT2 does not impacted CONCEPT1

CONCEPT1 Significant
– Does CONCEPT3 policy contribute optimally to CONCEPT1
– How CONCEPT3 policy could be change and to what extend
– What impact of CONCEPT3 policy on CONCEPT1


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 28, 2015 pada 5:13 pm

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