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Relationship between People: Politics

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It should be stressed that the selection of a target (renewable energy) is a political, not a scientific choice. Boudri (2002) The potential contribution of renewable energy in air pollution abatement in China and India

Politics can be argue the most complicated system, because of the the main component of the system which is human (behavior) is ultra complicated, the size, the complexity (with economy, environment), the impact and everything. Every human creation in this world, from a discovery of science to the development of multinational business is nothing compare with the complexity of politics.

Perspective of Politics
Let see on the difference between country and company, or country and business is as far as difference between closed vs open system, as people vs money, as earth vs energy, as categories and tags, as black and white. The polarization of political ideology can be detected from social media, twitter and other here, here, here, here, here. But Politics is not only only polarization, which is tendency of people to make different extreme side. Political discources also change along the time here, here.

People and Decision Making in Renewable Energy (Politics and Democracy)
In real life, to understand the how decision of renewable energy being made is more complicated than the science of renewable energy it self. It should put a political perspective into the first perspective used to understand. Scientist should be able to differentiate which part is the decision making process and which part is the analysis process. Decision making and analysis process is different part.

For example Democracy can be seen as Islam Democracy (Election, Sharia, Shura) or 3C (Constitution/Sharia, Consent/Bayah/Election and Consultation/Shura) which TIL only Pakistan and Malaysia, see here and here. In Indonesia case, is using Pancasila Democracy which is debatable.

Left Polar Right Polar
Country Company (Business)
People Money
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Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 29, 2015 pada 1:06 pm

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