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Hypothesis – Data Collection – Conclusion

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Hypo mean under just like Hypoglycemia Low Sugar Blog, so Hypothesis mean that before/under theory, which in simple it should be testable

Steps 1: Develop Hypothesis
Hypothesis is educated guess, it is a testable statement which may include prediction.
Theories are general explanations based on a large amount of data here

Formalized hypothesis require if and then statement. But not all if-then statements are hypotheses. For example, “If I play the lottery, then I will get rich.” This is a simple prediction

Formalized hypotheses contain two variables. One is “independent” and the other is “dependent.” The independent variable is the one you, the “scientist” control and the dependent variable is the one that you observe and/or measure the results

A. State the Problem (this is usually a general question but often does not include a proposed relationship)
B. Literature Search (this section is required to explain the reason for a proposed relationship [the hypothesis])
C. Writing Hypothesis here

Steps 2: Data Collection
– Descriptive Research (correlational study)
– Experimental Research (demonstrate causal relationship)

Steps 3: Drawing Conclusion (Examining Data and Reach Conclusion)s


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Desember 30, 2015 pada 2:56 pm

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