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Question: Impact of Renewable Energy on Air Pollution

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1. Environment and Energy Interaction in Indonesia
1.1 Impact of energy development to air pollution
1.2 Potential contribution of renewable energy in air pollution abatement
1.3 Determine the most effective environment policy from short and long term pollutant

Hypothesis: Impact of renewable energy on air pollution
If environment impact is related with energy development, then an effective energy policy give positive impact to environment
– Presumed problem: energy is the biggest sources of pollution (in short & long)
– Proposed solution: use renewable energy (or other energy policy)
– Anticipated result: reduction in air pollution (in short & long)

Scenario Analysis
Scenario 1: Business as Usual (BAU)
Impact of Scenario 1

Scenario 2: Current Policy Scenario (CPS) Renewable 23% Emission 26%
Indonesia Energy Policy Dimension:
– Time Dimension (Short-term 2025:RE23%, Long-term 2050:RE31%)
– Growth Dimension
– Renewable Share 25%, Emission Reduction 26%
Impact of Scenario 2

Scenario 3: New Policy Scenario (NPS)
– Coal Replacement (COR)
– Advance Technology Adoption (ATA)
– Current Abatement Policy (CAP)
– Further Abatement Policy (FAP)
– New Investment
Impact of Scenario 3

BAU: Business as Usual
BACT: Best Available Emission Control Technology
ACGT: Advanced Coal Gasification Technology


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