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Air Pollution and Renewable Energy Study

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Energy can be argue, one of the most important sector in our life. Energy is a wide area, it can be from energy itself for example the science of energy generation, energy efficiency, energy potential. It was one of the most interesting choice to learn, especially it will work with lab and very focussed research. The second level of choice is to find the relation of energy with other subject e.g with policy, economy, or environment. In my case, I am interested in relation with environmental impact of energy.

Well, now I realize that the “Information System” that I took in undergraduate is not as complicated as “Energy Environment System”

“There is empirical support for the positive impacts of local energy saving regulations and two environmental standards (air pollutants for coal-burning oil-burning gas-fired boilers) and limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from vehicle compression ignition engines”
The impacts of provincial energy and environmental policies on air pollution control in China here

“In the past five years (1998–2002), the environment, economic and energy (3E) policies in Taiwan have switched from regulation establishment, information and technology transfer, and training and education in the early development stage, to provide assistance incentives and financial support to industries in adoption of renewable energy”
Overview of environmental impacts, prospects and policies for renewable energy in Taiwan here

“The introduction of “renewable” hydrogen as a fuel for fuel cell vehicles instead of gasoline can lead to economically effective reductions of AP emissions only if the efficiency of a fuel cell vehicle is about two times higher than that of an internal combustion one. The results provide a useful economic evaluation of air pollution emissions mitigation by the introduction of renewable wind and solar energy sources.”
Air pollution reduction via use of green energy sources for electricity and hydrogen production, Canada here


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Desember 31, 2015 pada 5:08 pm

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