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2015/12/31 Air Pollution and Renewable Energy Study
2015/12/31 Science of Uncertainties: Crisis, Risk and Future
2015/12/31 Indonesia Energy Alignment
2015/12/31 Impact of Renewable Energy on Air Pollution
2015/12/30 Why Scenario Analysis?
2015/12/30 Hypothesis – Data Collection – Conclusion
2015/12/30 Jawa Bali Electricity System
2015/12/30 Indonesian Philosophy
2015/12/30 Energy Jargon Generator: Renewable, Sustainable, Clean, Low Carbon
2015/12/29 Relationship between People: Politics
2015/12/29 Research Question Generator
2015/12/28 Research: Approach, Methodology and Structure
2015/12/28 Running Country vs Running Company: Huge Difference
2015/12/28 Kesimpulan: Mencatat dan jangan coba pecahkan masalah
2015/12/27 Quran Classification
2015/12/27 Kesimpulan: Ilmu Kehidupan
2015/12/27 Why Dissertation is Matter: One Step Before Paper
2015/12/27 What is Exactly Energy Policy and Environment Policy: Science vs Study
2015/12/27 How Effective Policy Built
2015/12/26 Kesimpulan: Pengalaman Hidup
2015/12/26 Freshwater vs Saltwater
2015/12/26 NGO vs Mass Organization: Science of Criticality
2015/12/26 How to Live in Peace
2015/12/25 How Important is Climate Change for Average Indonesian?
2015/12/25 President Speech
2015/12/25 Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Which Sector? Economic vs Inventory
2015/12/25 Indonesia Geology Potential Study
2015/12/24 Java, Indonesia Electricity, 17508 Island Perspective: IP, PJB, UPJB
2015/12/24 Indonesia Leadership PhD Dissertation: Bapak-ism
2015/12/23 Indonesia Air Pollution Study
2015/12/23 LEAP PhD Dissertation
2015/12/23 Environment PhD Dissertation
2015/12/23 Values: Education Study
2015/12/23 Indonesian Values: IBM, Coca Cola, MBA: Hofstede Know no Difference
2015/12/23 Research Question Discoveries
2015/12/22 Energy Security, Trilemma
2015/12/22 Indonesia Climate Change Strategic Planning
2015/12/22 Oligopoly, Bank and CAMELS
2015/12/21 Bappenas vs BPPT vs Ministry: Research State
2015/12/21 SBY Sustainable Growth with Equity vs Jokowi Trisakti: PEST
2015/12/21 El Nino, Agriculture and Poverty
2015/12/20 What is Novelty? What is Research and How to Ask the Right Question
2015/12/20 Choose the Reading Material
2015/12/19 Why aren’t economists rich?
2015/12/19 Kesimpulan: Catatan Harian
2015/12/18 WALHI, CIFOR, REDD+: More Question than Answer
2015/12/18 Indonesia, Three Missed Momentum: A History of Missed Opportunity
2015/12/18 Energy Environment – Metric
2015/12/18 Palm Oil vs Coal Industry, Forest Fire: Which one is Effects, Impact
2015/12/18 1997 vs 2015 Indonesia Forest Fire
2015/12/18 What is Wrong with Measuring, Comparing and Forecasting
2015/12/17 Indonesia Civil Servant
2015/12/17 Politicization and Limitation of Science: The Case of Indonesia
2015/12/16 Who has the Biggest Contribution to Indonesia’s Economy
2015/12/16 Why Air Pollution
2015/12/16 Correlation Does Not Mean Causation
2015/12/16 Singapore
2015/12/15 Energy Security
2015/12/15 Risk and Scenario Analysis: How to Combine Two Concept
2015/12/15 Energy Environment Scenario Analysis
2015/12/15 Banking Industry and Academia Connection
2015/12/15 How to be Scientist
2015/12/14 What is Risk Management? A Quasi-Formal Science
2015/12/14 Energy Modelling and Scenario Development
2015/12/14 National Medium Term Development Plan 2015-2019
2015/12/14 Adaptation is Avoid and Accept Risk Response
2015/12/14 Energy Security A-A-A-A
2015/12/14 Indonesia Climate Change from International Perspective
2015/12/14 What is the Biggest Challenge in Renewable Energy Technology
2015/12/14 Future of Energy from Government Perspective: Indonesia
2015/12/14 Simple Definition: Dictionary of the Essence
2015/12/14 History of Rice and The Humble Rice Philosophy
2015/12/13 Energy: What Scientist can Help
2015/12/13 Revolusi Mental, Trisakti and Nawacita 2015-2019 – Strategic Analysis
2015/12/13 Simple Definition
2015/12/12 Economics
2015/12/11 25 Most Influential Science Books
2015/12/11 Emissions from Combustion of Energy Industries
2015/12/11 Systematic Oversimplification: Cheat Sheet
2015/12/11 From BAKOTAN and BAKOREN to BRTI and DEN
2015/12/11 Journal that Should We Know
2015/12/11 How to develop research question on Energy and Environment area
2015/12/10 Energy Policy Selection in Indonesia: AHP, MCDA, LCA, Scenario Analysis
2015/12/10 Science: Cost of Learning
2015/12/10 Energy and Environment Study from Non-Economic-Social Approach
2015/12/10 Advancing Science for Indonesia
2015/12/10 Energy Policy: Scenario Analysis
2015/12/08 Indonesia Energy PhD Dissertation
2015/12/08 Why Indonesian choose to be a Lecturer
2015/12/07 Islam in Indonesia – Dissertation and Study
2015/12/07 Science and Education in Indonesia
2015/12/07 Information Technology in Indonesian Bank Study
2015/12/06 Multi Perspective of Human Behavior, Organization and Business
2015/12/06 Renewable Energy Policy Study
2015/12/06 Indonesian Perception on Energy Policy
2015/12/05 Oil and Gas contribution in Indonesia: Money and Knowledge
2015/12/05 Clean Energy and Low Carbon Technology as Indonesia Transitional Energy
2015/12/04 A Global Perspective of Indonesia Energy Environment
2015/12/04 Current State of Indonesia Education and Research
2015/12/03 The Research Story
2015/12/03 Long Term Energy Planning: Indonesia and Regional
2015/12/03 Indonesia Sustainable Energy (Purwanto et al, 2015)
2015/12/03 Energy and Economy Relationship
2015/12/03 Coal Dependency and Clean Energy
2015/12/03 Biofuel Potential in Indonesia
2015/12/03 All research are connected
2015/12/03 Cost of learning or cost of research
2015/12/02 World Energy Potential Study
2015/12/02 Indonesia Energy Policy
2015/12/02 Indonesia Solar PV Potential: 27 GWp
2015/12/01 Indonesia Energy Baseline in 2013: 183 MTOE


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