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Goal oriented System
Business: Profit
Government: Protection
Economy: Wealth
Science: Simplification

Balanced oriented System
Business: Balanced Operation: Revenue vs Expense, Opportunity vs Loss, Sales vs Delivery, Lending vs Saving, Debit vs Credit
Politics: Balanced Power (Leader vs Follower)
Economy: Balanced Wealth (Production vs Consumption)
Research: Question and Answer

Description oriented System
Politics: Influence
Management: Control
Risk: Uncertainty

Element oriented System
Energy: Security (Access, Availability, Acceptability)

Separation of Power:
Parliament: Power to make and change law
Judiciary: Power to make judgements on law
Executive: Power to put law into action

Policy: Political instrument, with the purpose to prioritize
Risk: Effect of uncertainty on objectives (ISO31000)
Uncertainty: Situation which involves imperfect and / or unknown information


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 1, 2016 pada 6:56 am

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