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Personal Bias vs Public Health Policy: How Understanding Indonesian Perception of Death might Help

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Understanding top 10 causes of death is important for public health policy. Causes of death also different in each countries, I think that it because of what they consume and what they believe (that led to what they consume). In my experience what average Indonesian believe the causes of death mainly on high risk food (Cholesterol, Diabetes), majority agree on this. But taking the high risk food (obesity) can be difficult for public policy, just like banning on Alcohol and Smoking. Here is some underrated caused of death among Indonesian.

  1. Smoking
    In smoking, Indonesia achievement is unbeatable, here is some statistics:
    #1 by rate of smoking, 67% of male is smoker (ref: WHO via TheStar)
    #3 by population, our population is big (ref: WHO)
    #5 by market tobacco market
    Personally I believe that the actual fact is bigger because of the fact that 88% of cigarette is locally made with clove-flavoured and many home made cigarette that self-grown (my grandfather did this, and my father work in BAT)

  2. Safety
    I dont think that safety culture in general is promoted from construction to transportation industry.

  3. Air Pollution
    According to WHO is biggest environment health risk, and more people died from it than Malaria/HIV. It contributed to 1 in eight of total death (7 million annual from total 56 million annual death)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 4, 2016 pada 2:03 pm

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