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The Purpose and Pain of Education

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When I took my undergraduate degree in computer science, I started to realize the reality of having an education is not as beautiful as I imagine. At the end of the first term, I just realize that to achieve high mark is difficult to achieve. Moreover I also start to think that most of course being offered is not practical. For example on algorithm, where one of my senior said that in real work algorithm is just a theory. Well, it was not wrong at all, even when I start to progress in the second and third year, the painfull process of education is getting bigger. A practical course such as information system, database or an interesting one like multimedia is a painful when it reflected in examination score.

As a student, the biggest struggle is on the mark, the result of examination. Although one, might not understand at all the concept of human computer interaction for example, but if the mark is high, there was a sense of proud and achievement that a relieve on the stressfull pressure of education and of course a life of a young man at that time. Having a high GPA is an academic goal, and most of student agree, or even willing to sacrifice their moral by doing some unethical behavior from cheating on exam to misrepresentation on practicum. A high GPA is a ticket for job recruitment, as the higher supply of new employment, have a GPA filter is one of the most realistic measurement to limit the number of applicant, and we all agree.

I, at that time agree to GPA is single biggest measurement of purpose of higher education, but of course it is not everything. Having a educational facility such as advanced computer laboratory, training to industry or good student organization is also important. And of course sometimes I think that what is the purpose of those a 4 years of suffering, where at the end that only high GPA that matter? and all the process of 4 years is mean nothing, even can be outdated in just 5-10 years of work?

Well, to be honest, at that time I dont know the answer of my question. My mind keep arguing whether the way that I took in university is right or not. At that time, the only thing that come in to my mind, is to graduate as soon as possible and achieve a reasonable GPA. I also not sure, which one is more important having a 3.3 GPA with no skill on Java or having 2.7 with advance skill of Java. There is no answer with my question at that time. Is this an education where the importance for thinking? or is this a training? just like Imannuel Kant believe the difference of education and training

The question is getting bigger, form the difference between academic degree or professional degree just like comparing a bachelor degree with Oracle Certification. Is certification that confirm specific characteristics as important as degree that indicate completion of education? which one is better? what happen if one does not enjoy the process? Is it really matter the difference of degree? is this important the standardize of process?

But now, I start to realize that I have an answer of my undergraduate question. An answer that only be acquired after work in real life. That the purpose of education is on three thing. The purpose of Economy Growth, Social Justice and Preparation of Life (Source of Motivation, Hardwork, Moral, Improvement). Where at the very end, I believe the purpose of education is for preparation of adult life. Its a process, where the art of process is required, from occasional motivation to patience, from a sense of achievement to a dream for a better life at the end.

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Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 6, 2016 pada 7:00 am

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