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Slow and Painful

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Education is a process, and like every process is slow and painful. It took four year to graduate from university, and after the long, tearful struggle we need to find a new job. Is our performance in the the college will guarantee that we got a better job in the future? In my argument, I will say that the most significant is the brand of university that we have (in most cases).

Research also can be imagined as “it should be a simple life”, not a slow and painful one. First we begin with reading, a lot of reading, a damn a lot of reading. Along the way, it should be combined with writing, a lot of writing. Thats all, repeat for four years. Even a linear subject still painfull in industry.

If the education (process) is painful, what is more scary than a process it self? of course a new life (process) after this process. In short, finding a job is the biggest fear that people can imagine.

  1. Fear about The Future (Job)
    Its should be read: “Competition in Academic Jobs is hard”. The fact that there are more PhD candidates than academic jobs and “most PhDs need to find a non-academic job, and nearly all would be happier if they had such a job instead of trying to survive in the perilous world of modern academia”

  2. Fear about The Process
    Underestimate the process. Its dark, darker and darkest period. Economist said PhD waste of time, Quora said that is is scary as life, Another Quora said there is always a life after (hopefully). Some people realize the mistake in two months, some people realize for the duration of process.

  3. Fear about The Self
    Overestimate about self (Nothing can help you). Realize that Writing (creative writing is not academic writing), Passion & Knowledge will not help. Even advice would not help.

  4. Fear about The Complexity
    The complexity that faced is very high. Sometimes problem is misunderstood for example between Jobs (Academic vs Industry) vs Hobby (Teaching vs Writing). Sometimes passion in teaching make wrong conclusion on bigger opportunity in academic, or in other way e.g passion in teaching will help in giving presentation in industry.

The fear on complexity also on the academic level, for example, theoritical background which should be used in any research, for example when evaluating Solar PV we might use:
– Diffussion of Innovation perspective, which see that Solar PV is product of innovation
– Meso-Level Analysis (Schenk et al 2006) which see that energy policy is multifactor.
– Household Energy Ladder (Smith 1994) which used to understand problem and Sensitivity Analysis to review
– Bottom Up Scenario, Techno-economic modelling and various million scenario.
At first it look easy, diffusion theory is clear, and then getting confuse with evaluation, and then getting more and more complicated, with increased daily dose of complexity.

See, make sense right when people said its slow and painful process. In the closing, I will write as below:

Are We Getting Smarter?
My first mobile phone is in 2002, a Nokia 3310, the reason I buy this phone is because I involved in student organization that need to communicate with potential customer (*true), maybe at that time I only top 5% that has this phone, at least in the class. But as you know, it does not need a long time, maybe less than one year that everyone in the class has a phone. At that time I feel that I was the smartest person in my family, well at least to my father. Well, at that time, a thing that my family never touch it -a computer, with technology that never been used before -mobile phone.

One day, my father ask me about what is mobile phone, and I remember to explain this in wordy and full jargon conversation. At that time I am very proud of my achievement and think that I pass what my family have achieve. In one conversation I said that the development of this phone will continue to be improved, and the price of the new product will be more and more expensive. My father said “The rich always want to be richer, they dont want to be the same”. I smile at that time, I thought my father do not fully understand what I explain, the same like when he explain about 2-stroke vs 4-stroke engine to me. An explanation of conceptual thing that only useful for teaching purpose, the same as teaching of e-business concept.

In short, I thought that I was smarter than my father. The truth is not, at age 20 with no experience, my father of course has more experience, and he can construct better statement than me. But in a sense of cognitive ability such as attention, memory, reasoning, problem solving, decision making and comprehension we are the same. So if we have the same cognitive ability, then why one need to go to school? if we are as smart as the other, why we need to learn? why we need to acquire new knowledge?

Well, I dont have answer for this, maybe destiny.

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Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 9, 2016 pada 1:38 pm

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