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Competition and Consolidation

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University usually divided by two distinct faculty which based on science classification such as faculty of science (ekstakta) or social sciences (humaniora). But in some cases it can be divided by business unit such as graduate school or vocational school. But in my opinion the division can be based on employment prospects such as research school vs capitalist school.

Capitalist School in my opinion refer to faculty that has a bigger prospect in employment, indicating by high entrance rate it can be electrical in engineering school or accounting in business school in Indonesian cases. The focus of capitalist school is to work, as efficient as possible, as generate money as effective as possible.

Just like business, that can be structured based on product e.g broadband division, consumer division, satellite division. Business can be structured based on process such as customer services, customer management, customer monitoring. The division concept also applied in university which can be based on degree or based on science classification.

But business is only small part of ecosystem called country, which the main mechanism is economic system. Unlike business which are closed system which limit the interaction in the inner circle. Economy work is open system that far more complicated than business.

If business and university work with the same principle, which the structure is based on product and process. Country also work with the same principle. The product is politician which resulted from election, law which made by politician, government which directed by politician and people who can be a politician. From process perspective is a election (politic process), economy (the whole process). which in short is a concept of competition (election) and consolidation (economy).

Science Classification
– Faculty of Science
– Faculty of Arts & Humanities
– Faculty of Social Sciences

Degree Classification
– Undergraduate School
– Graduate School
– Vocational School


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 11, 2016 pada 10:54 am

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