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What is the purpose of science?

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The purpose of science is to explain relationship

Science seek an explanation of something in reproducible way, with term and condition applied. An explanation should be able to be proven false (falsifiable/testable in principles), basically it says that it has disclaimer statement. To be able to explain, we need an experiment, which required to establish causal relationships (and to avoid the correlation fallacy) ref. Science has Unity of Science/Knowledge principles, where the height of person can be measure by meter stick, laser or satelitte imaging ref, which mean no matter the method, the result will be the same.

Scientific method can be in the form of deductive (test theory), inductive (build new theory), probability, and statistical (trend/prediction) (ref). Two important principles in science are Reductionism (any complex thing can be explained in simple) and Determinsm (Everything has a cause). The paradigm in science might change, for example from Newtonian Physics (1700), Relativity (1910), Quantum Physics (1920) and Chaos Theory (1970).

Understanding relationship between something is very important. For example, relationship between pressure and volume. It can be traced with pressure volume relationship in liquid or gas environment. Archimedes Law in 250 BC he said that an object can be floated (buoyed up) by a force that equal with the volume that being displaced. Or, similar Boyle’s Law in 1662 or other Gas Law. On the bigger scale, the relationship is important, so people can know what they need to do or should not to do. For example, if there is a relationship between smoking and health, then people can decide to smoke or not to smoke.

The bigger perspective of relationship
To understand the relationship, people use many perspective. It can be Semiotics and Hermeneutics (Semiotik dan Hermeneutik). But science also has a limitation, it can contain flaws due to methodological error or fallacy. A common fallacy on making relationship, which mainly happened in statistical research. A concept of “correlation does not imply causation” is very important, before scientist can conclude something that incorrect. Except for the pure formal science such as mathematics, finding a correlation and dependence, require a controlled environment, where scientist know detail about the nature of their research.

How Javanese explain relationship
If the explanation of relationship is very important, then, it means that as Indonesian, we need to be proud to have a “Gathuk”, an art of connecting something, because at the end, as every relationship in this world, it is very complicated. ref, ref, ref, ref, ref, ref


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 14, 2016 pada 2:55 pm

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