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Today I realize that I in the past I have a fundamental error in problem solving. The first error is my inability to explain the problem (which I explain previously on why explanation is difficult) and the second problem is the reasoning (solving approach) that is inaccurate (biased).

The problem with explanation is I don’t have clarity to tell what my real problem is, what the root cause is, and what the impact in sequential logic problem is. My argument of this is sometimes I am so stressed, and then I made a wrong judgment. In short I explain the incorrect problem.

The second steps.
After I declare the problem, solving the problem does not mean easy. To solve problem, we need to solve in logic manner. For example, in a world of three steps solution (or in the theory that saying a sequence from education – employment – income), an education is not a direct solution for low income. An education is affecting the employment (productivity) and then affecting income. So if I try to solve the income problem by going to school it totally wrong. But the argument that going to school might increase income, might be correct if we use different theoretical background.

The second steps is basically making an intellectual guess, on what is the solution, which of course should be based on theoretical framework. And the beauty of this second steps is that a people need to choose the right steps before we run out of time, or before it affected by others constraint, or before we trapped in the confusing of theory and explanation.

The root of all mistake
Now I realize on why people said that looking for other advice is not helpful. It is happened because of two reason:

  1. The assumption (theory/hypothesis) that used by other person is inaccurate
  2. At the very basic, we are having a mistake declaring the real problem.

When people depicting scientist as honest person it means that scientist always use knowledge as judgment, knowledge which in this context as “science logic”. But a teacher might have a perception as honest because some person measure it by the “act” as the most important, instead what is written or said.

To have clarity to see everything is important, but to understand that we are always biased is very important. As I write in the previous notes, at the end, becoming patience and always grateful will always works. We are a human.

If the purpose of explanation is to have clarity over complicated problem, the purpose of reasoning (solving) is to choose the perspective of clarity, Cogito Ergo Sum maybe? As reasoning is a choice of platform. So, Life is a choice, is make sense right. So again, patience and grateful.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 15, 2016 pada 12:06 pm

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