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Lapang Dada

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Well I start to realize again that a lot of thing better written in bahasa Indonesia. For example a song from Sheila on 7, titled “Lapang Dada (2014)”, I dont know which one is better translation between “Relieve (v)” / “Relief (n)” or different alternative such as “Big Heart” or “Accept”, but it was beautiful song. In my opinion Eros philosophy is very deep explaining something that more than that causal relationship between why we need to berlapang dada or the fact that everything is change.

Lapang Dada
Relieve, Release, Accept, Forgive, Move on
Kau harus bisa bisa berlapang dada
You have to berlapang dada (seriously I dont know better word)
Kau harus bisa bisa ambil hikmahnya
You have to take the lesson
Karena semua semua tak lagi sama
(Because) nothing will ever be the same
Walau kau tahu dia pun merasakannya
Even when you know the feeling
Other english translation ref, ref

I write this, because at the end, what we need is learn to accept. It is very difficult, as most of us is being trained to solve a problem. A training that have been taken for more than 3.5 billion years ago. It’s remind me on the Biogeochemistry / Biogeochemical course, that at the beginning there is no difference between Mars and Earth Composition. Well, smile, even in most survival categories, squirrel is better than us.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 20, 2016 pada 11:15 am

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